With us the packaging is customized...

The supply of packaging materials is only the point of arrival. Our business focuses on identifying solutions to better protect any type of product. We operate with 40 years of experience and a wide range of products to put you in the conditions to send, receive and deliver your product in perfect conditions and in absolute peace of mind.

Poliplast always protects your product.

Stories of Success

Polystyrene box for marble samples

We have known the marble industry for over 40 years. Daily we collaborate with our costumers to find the customized...

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Why choose us?

Because we have been working with polystyrene for 40 years, helping more than 2000 Italian companies to protect their products every day. We operate in more than 20 product sectors, we know deeply the problems of packaging and with each costumer we study the best solution for any type of product, regardless of shape and size.

In-house laboratory

We cut the polystyrene in any shape, thickness and size


Deliveries with own means

We personally transport the products all over northern Italy.


High availability

4000 sqm of products ready for delivery


Polystyrene VS Polyethylene

They are two essential products when it comes to packaging: polystyrene, or rather, sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS), is a rigid, low weight, petroleum-derived material, composed of 98% air and the rest of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Polystyrene and EPS are equivalent terms and define the same product.

Polyethylene, or polythene, marked with the abbreviation “PE”, is the most common of the plastic materials, or more precisely it is a thermoplastic resin that is presented as as a transparent or white film, characterized by excellent insulating properties and chemical stability. It is also an excellent packaging material that can prevent scratches and facilitate the transport and storage of goods. Polyethylene is a very versatile material and one of the most commonly used plastics. It can be found in various sizes and in particular rolls, caps, plastic bags, containers of various types,...

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