Personalized packaging 

Packaging e Imballi personalizzati e brandizzabili

In Poliplast we believe a lot in visual communication and for this reason we have developed a wide range of customizable packaging with logos, writing and decoration products (tapes, cardboard boxes, polystyrene boxes, polyethylene caps and spools,...).

Our customized packaging products are the ideal solution for companies that want to enhance their brand, increasing visibility at a reduced price. We produce according to your needs polystyrene boxes, polyethylene caps, bubble wrap bags, personalized scotch and many other products customizable for colour, thickness and size with the possibility to apply on each packaging writes, for example warnings or useful directions to your costumers, or more simply your company logo.

Specialized in the processing of polystyrene and polystyrene items we offer customized packaging material of high quality. 


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Innovation, creativity, technology an design in complete safety with exclusive packaging Poliplast


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